turbulentsunsetSexual  Abuse

Sexual abuse or assault is something that can happen to people from all walks of life. It is estimated that as many as 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 6 six boys have had an experience of sexual abuse before the age of 18. Yet despite its frequency, sexual abuse is something that is often not talked about or is kept secret. Many survivors of sexual abuse live with feelings of shame and guilt which can lead to significant difficulties with anxiety or depression. For others, the trauma is severe enough that their symptoms can be described as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Psychotherapy offers a safe place where thoughts and feelings can be explored without judgment, and experiences that may have been kept secret can finally be brought out into the open. Negative  beliefs connected to the abuse can be challenged and released and clients can find freedom from self blame. Support Groups also offer clients an opportunity to know that they are not alone.

Trauma & PTSD

People often experience symptoms of trauma as a result of being exposed to events such as abuse in childhood (emotional, physical or sexual abuse) or other traumatic events such as assault, car accidents, natural disasters, crime, combat, or other life threatening events. I specialize in working with people to transform traumatic life experiences which cause depression or anxiety and may be holding them back from living life to its fullest.

Are you struggling with symptoms of trauma?

Many people live with the aftermath of traumatic experiences without fully understanding why they continue to struggle with the symptoms. Although the traumatic event may have passed, the body continues to prepare for a potential danger as if the threatening situation continues in the present.

Trauma survivors  report symptoms including:
• Anxiety
EMDR_pic• Depression
• Insomnia
• Difficulty concentrating
• Numbness
• Detachment
• Avoidance
• Flashbacks
• Intrusive thoughts or images
• Emotional reactivity, irritability
• Nightmares

The  healing of trauma brings about freedom from anxiety and depression and the possibility of  being able to live your life in the present. Through therapy, traumas can be resolved so that pain from the past can finally be let go of in an environment that offers safety and containment.

Healing Trauma with EMDR

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a well researched method of treating trauma. It uses a structured approach to address past, present, and future aspects of disturbing memories. EMDR can be an excellent adjunct to psychotherapy that specifically targets and reduces symptoms of trauma.

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